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8 Logistics Challenges You Must Overcome to Succeed in 2021

on January 18, 2021 Comments Off on 8 Logistics Challenges You Must Overcome to Succeed in 2021

If you work in logistics or supply chain, there are 8 logistics challenges you must overcome in 2021 to be successful. These challenges are:

1) Avoid Damage and Mishandling of Your Cargo

If a significant percentage of your cargo or goods you ship gets damaged in transport and you don’t know exactly WHY that’s happening… 

or… if your cargo keeps getting mishandled during transport and you don’t know exactly WHO is mishandling it, WHEN exactly does that happen and WHERE exactly… 

If you don’t have all that information, then there’s very little you can do to avoid that damage and mishandling. So, that’s a challenge. 

The best way to overcome that challenge is to employ an advanced, real-time cargo tracking and monitoring service (like Hanhaa’s ParceLive as an example). It helps you quickly and definitively answer all of those questions listed above.

2) Detect and Eliminate Theft and Loss of Your Goods in Real-Time

If your cargo or shipped goods are being lost or stolen, it can be a real challenge to figure out when the theft or the loss occurs and where. 

But what if you had access to an “all-seeing-eye” that immediately alerts you when theft occurs and lets you see pretty much everything you want to know? All-seeing-eye as a service is exactly what Hanhaa is offering with its ParceLive. It will alert you immediately if any of your sealed packaging is opened by unauthorized personnel before arriving at the destination.

3) Prevent Tampering with Your Goods and Cargo

When shipping anything, your goods and cargo typically have to change hands and pass through a number of different partners, employees etc. What’s more, logistics and supply chain partners can change based on a number of different factors and can sometimes change multiple times during the same day. 

If you don’t know exactly who is moving what at any given point in time, then preventing tampering with your goods and cargo can be a huge challenge. This is where blockchain integration comes in. Hanhaa’s ParceLive blockchain integration combined with real-time smart sensor data allows you to guarantee secure and tamper-proof transport of your goods. This service is the best way to ensure the integrity of your supply chain and to avoid any unauthorized manipulation of your cargo.

4) Prevent Delivery Issues from Rising

Left unchecked, small issues in a delivery network can quickly multiply and grow into serious problems. Being able to spot such issues at the time when they occur is a big challenge for logistics and supply chain managers. 

Hanhaa’s All-seeing-eye as a Service ParceLive gives you a real-time bird’s eye view of your delivery network and the trends within your supply chain. This allows you to intervene before small issues can grow into larger problems and effectively prevent delivery issues from mounting. That, in turn, helps you reduce customer complaints.

5) Eliminate Pinch Points and Bottlenecks

Another big challenge for logistics managers is being able to identify systemic pinch points, bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your delivery networks and supply chain. Hanhaa’s ParceLive is an “all-seeing-eye” as a service that lets you see exactly that. This gives you the power to improve routing and select the best logistics suppliers.

6) Win All Insurance Claims and Disputes

If (or when) something goes wrong within your supply chain or delivery network and one of your logistics or supply chain partners is at fault, it can be very challenging to win insurance claims and disputes because you have to provide evidence. 

Hanhaa’s ParceLive service gives you direct access to auditable data and ironclad evidence that allows you to win delivery and damage disputes as well as theft and insurance claims with the ease of one click!

7) Make Your Customers & Clients Happier

In a world where customers demand more and more, it can be very challenging to make them happy. However, there’s one thing you can do to greatly increase the happiness of your customers and clients. 

88% of customers want to track the status of their order. Hanhaa’s “all-seeing-eye” as a service ParceLive (combined with API integration) ensures the highest level of your customers’ satisfaction by giving them the most detailed insight into the real-time conditions and location of their cargo or parcel. Clients are much happier (even in case of unexpected delivery delays) if they can see exactly what’s happening with their shipment at any given time.

8) Get Ahead of Your Competition

Competition always follows you wherever you go. So, getting ahead of your competition is always a huge challenge. Hanhaa’s “all-seeing-eye” as a service ParceLive (and its API integration) helps you overcome this challenge by connecting your customers/clients to real-time, live information about the location, condition and security of their cargo/parcels. This adds a tremendous value to your service and puts you above any competitor who doesn’t offer this level of visibility and security for their shipments.

To learn more about ParceLive and how it can help you, click the button below!

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