Tune-Up Service

Our Tune-Up & Performance Management Service...

...eliminates all of the operational pain, headaches and hassle of having to deal with the trackers before and after use and eliminates the need to build and maintain expensive infrastructure. You don’t need to set up, train and maintain internal teams to deal with the trackers.

All of the operational work and hassle is handled by Hanhaa’s fulfilment centres around the world. Our engineers and our trained staff do all the work that must be done — and must be done properly — in order for you to enjoy our All-seeing-Eye-as-a-Service for your cargo or your parcels.

Here’s what's included in our Tune-Up and Performance Management service for you:

Mobile/Cellular Data Traffic

For secure data transmission over Hanhaa’s private GSM and 5G network (which ensures that this data never crosses public internet) our HXG mobile SIM card is embedded in every tracker.

The cost for continuous transmission of all the data over our private mobile network is a significant part that must be factored in when calculating the overall cost of our service for every completed delivery/journey.

Software Updates

To improve functionality and to add new features, we are continuously developing our proprietary software that runs on our ParceLive and allCeye trackers.

So, every tracker needs to be updated when returning from a journey.

Hardware Tune-Up

When a tracker comes back to us, we run a hardware health check and tune-up the hardware according to the latest specifications. You’ll always get the most up-to-date, best performing and most capable trackers.

This level of care and constant development makes sure that our trackers always remain not only the best performing and the most capable but also the most eco-friendly IoT/GPS trackers on the market.

Battery Recharge & Replacement Service

After completing a journey, the battery of each tracker must be checked, recharged and occasionally replaced.

Protective Cover Assembly

After a software update, hardware tune-up and battery recharge, a specially designed, fully recyclable cover is assembled to protect the tracker and the instruments inside.

Exclusive Branding Services

The protective covers for our ParceLive and allCeye trackers can be branded with your company’s branding/logo to earn greater appreciation with your customers.

If you wish to make use of this service, the cost for production and separate handling of these unique covers will also need to be factored in.

Return Service via Freepost

Our return service using Hanhaa’s global returns license eliminates the need for stamps and packaging hassle. After use, simply press a button on a ParceLive or allCeye tracker and place it into the next post box/mailbox — done!

If this easy postal service return is unavailable in your country, we will collect the trackers at no extra cost.

How to Return:

Remove the tracker from your cargo or parcel.

Push the button to stop tracking and to display a return address on the screen.

Place the tracker by itself in any post box and you're done! No need for any stamps or packaging. Simply push and post!

Customs Fast-Track Service

Every time we send a batch of trackers to you, we monitor this shipment and if it’s held at customs for an unexpected reason, we automatically and immediately get in touch with customs to release the shipment without delay so that you can receive the trackers quickly.

Client Portal Development & Updates

Our client portal i.e. the website where you can watch and check your trackers in real-time requires continuous development and updates.

So, a small portion of our fees for the Tune-Up and Performance Management service goes towards covering the costs associated with portal development and updates.

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