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Vitalcan integrates ParceLive with blockchain

on March 24, 2021 Comments Off on Vitalcan integrates ParceLive with blockchain

Founded in 2001, Vitalcan is Argentina’s largest pet food business employing more than 200 people and with a turnover of $50 million.

Vitalcan manages thousands of shipments a month including inbound for raw materials and packaging and outbound shipments to Argentina and international shipments by land and sea.

While many of Vitalcan’s customers such as veterinary clinics and pet stores are located in greater Buenos Aires and distributors in the surrounding provinces, Vitalcan also exports to many countries in South America and has sent several container shipments to Asia.  

In order to create an effective supply chain, Vitalcan has adopted Hanhaa and Morpheus.Network’s combined IoT and Blockchain solution. Morpheus.Network’s SaaS middleware, trusted information flows and the single shipment view are key for creating Digital and Sustainable Global Supply Chains.  Hanhaa is an internet-of-things innovator with a real-time, multimodal cargo tracking and monitoring solution, ParceLive.  

Together, Morpheus.Network and Hanhaa, provide supply chain managers with a complete Digital Footprint, providing shipment visibility and reducing OPEX, optimize working capital while improving resilience and reliability.

Follow the link below and download the case study to learn more.

CallumVitalcan integrates ParceLive with blockchain